The Perfect Meal

by Florida Soccer Life

If you are anything like me, you always have an amazing meal idea but life happens and you hit the easy button. In reality, I am doing a disservice to my family by not following a simple nutrition plan.

Here are some simple nutrition ideas on what a perfect meal looks like that I received from an amazing coach and Ambassador of Florida Soccer Life Jonathan Thompson. This is going to show what each meal should look like and how to meal prep along with how to cook some foods. Everyone’s goals are different when it comes to nutrition. Hopefully, this guide helps you along the way to a healthier way of eating.

In this article from Precision Nutrition, they outline five simple steps on how to create the Perfect Meal. Precision Nutrition is the home of the world’s top nutrition coaches.

The first step is to choose one main ingredient from these four categories: Protein, Vegetable, Smart Carb and a Healthy Fat. This will help you enjoy your meal because your selection is based on what you are in the mood for while maintaining a healthy balanced meal.

Next, you will properly Portion Your Ingredients! Yes, you can overeat and you want to make certain that one category is not overbearing the other category of your well-balanced meal. If you portion each category properly you will eat your entire meal and your body will thank you for it. Make sure that you adjust your portions up or down according to how frequently you eat, your size or caloric needs, how active you are, and your personal results.

Have you ever heard of a Regional Profile before? This outlines what Aromatics and Garnishes you prefer. Don’t worry, this is where you select a regional flavor profile such as Italian, Mexican, Thai, or Caribbean to name a few. This step is especially important because, well, simply put we must enjoy our meal right?

After you outline all of your ingredients you will cook the food. Did you know that garlic can be a flavorful garnish or that onions can add sweetness to your vegetables? Maybe you did but this article will help outline how to use preparation methods such as garnishes and flavor tips. Flavor counts but making your plate look good is always a plus.

Finally, you get to ENJOY your meal! Remember, as a competitive athlete it is vital to understand what you should eat, the proper portions based on your body’s specific needs, and time of day to eat based on when your next training session is. Maintaining a well-balanced nutrition plan will absolutely help you maximize your performance on and off the field.

For more information on Precision Nutrition please feel free to learn more on their website:

Click here to download the How to Create the Perfect Meal PDF

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