What does it mean to be “Blue-Collar” at something? We know that a Blue-Collar job is one that does not make a ton of money where you typically work with your hands. The perception is that these jobs are taken by people with minimal ability, who obtain a good work ethic and take pride in the job they do. Blue-Collar comes with a badge of honor that no matter what tough times are ahead, or battles get in your way it won’t slow you down and you will always power through to get the job done.

This is what it means to be a Blue-Collar Athlete. This athlete is born with the ability to play the game but may need to work harder at sharpening their skills. The sport they are playing may not come as naturally to them, but their goals and aspirations drive them to succeed. These are the Diamond in the Rough athletes’ coaches should want on their teams. These are the players that get overlooked during tryout season but the coaches that see the hustle and heart these players possess understand they can mold this raw talent into the superstar they can be.

The Blue-Collar Athlete is the player that shows up on time if not early to each training session and game. They are the ones that don’t expect much but will give you their 110% in everything they do. They understand that they may not be on the starting roster but will never complain about their playing time. They appreciate the opportunity to even be on the team and soak in every lesson that can be learned.

The biggest mistake a coach can make is by doubting the growth opportunity in a Blue-Collar Athlete. These are the players whose drive and determination are hard to diminish no matter what is thrown their way. They are the players that speak with a positive tone and will pump the team up during hard losses. These are the players that when given the right opportunity to play amongst the best will sharpen their iron to match the iron they are training with.

These athletes are loyal, hardworking, focused, and in it for the long haul. They are the patient ones that understand their growth is a marathon, not a sprint, and will invest in themselves to benefit the greater good of the team. We applaud these Blue-Collar Athletes, the underdogs as in the end they will prevail. They will become leaders in life in the long run because they understand with every small win develop into a big win. These are our champions in life, our lifelines who never quit on themselves and certainly will never quit on their team.

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