If These Cleats Could Talk

by Florida Soccer Life

These old cleats debuted on the field polished, perfect, stiff, and not broken in.  They were selected as the next level up to help maximize their abilities while competing.  But they put in their time, ran many miles, and may have been stepped on a time or two.  They practiced many times a week and fought a good fight on the pitch to beat their opponent.

These old cleats are dedicated and will never let you down.  They never complained about the playing conditions whether it was too hot, cold, or rained on.  No, in fact, that’s what helped mold them and appreciate the battle that they have overcome. 

These old cleats clinched onto the grass to sprint down the line and win that ball.   They attacked the enemy within the lines, drove the ball into the back of the net with their laces, and jogged back to their team to celebrate the many wins big or small.  No matter how many times they were defeated these old cleats laced back up, straightened up, and got back to work.

As time went on and hours of training were put in, they stretched as far as they needed to so they can grow.  When their seams would bust, they were taped up almost to perfection.  When their studs wore down, they dug deeper to regain traction.  When they got too tight and needed more room to grow…..they were retired after their last victory.

These old cleats never let you down, never give up, and are always there to help you grow. 

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