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Most parents of athletic kids want the best for them.  They start out with the best intentions but can get derailed real fast.  Derailed?  What do you mean by derailed?  It happens when we least expect it.  Picture it, tryout season….the fun-loving, nail-biting tryout season no matter how old your kid is.  You pump up your kid by a motivational speech, make certain they eat a hearty meal, get them all laced up to do their best and leave it all on the pitch.  You watch them run out there high fiving the coach or players but the parents are scoping out the competition.  They chat, introduce themselves and roll out the scroll of their kids experience playing.  Great relationships are made, and good times are had but the season starts.

The coach is playing out their plan for the team as a whole but all you can focus on as a parent is how is it playing out for your kid.  Are they a starter?  What position are they playing and why?  How much playing time are they getting verses the rest of the team?  The list goes on and on.  The parents get derailed on what the purpose of playing sports in the first place.  How we see things can be completely different from how our kids see things.

The focus of playing a team sport quickly shifts to “what’s in it for the player” and the parents are derailed.  Take time to connect with your kids and how they see things.  What are they getting out of season and are they happy?   Try to understand what the coach is trying to accomplish and teach not only your kid but the team as a whole.  Remember, much of what the kids experience and learn by playing team sports translates into life.  They need to learn how to earn playing time, a starting position and most of all how to win with grace and lose with sportsmanship.

Much of the kid's experience playing sports is how the parents behave as well.  What are you teaching your kids with your words, body language and behavior towards them and others?  Most kids are in the moment and actually having fun but remember, they are going to feed off of your emotions.  Your Looking Glass is probably different from theirs and there is a fine line between what is best right now and how is that going to impact your athletes experience long term.

Your player’s journey is a marathon, not a sprint.  Embrace every moment.

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